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News Miner (5.13.15)
“In almost three years, Blackwater Railroad Company has become one of the hottest names on the Alaska music scene..”
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Seward City News (5.8.15)
“Sound of Home is an exploration and celebration of a place that drew these people together: Seward, Alaska.”
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Sun Star (4.6.15)
“The band started a “music lending library” in Seward, wherein they loan out instruments to kids and jam with them as well. It’s a way for them to impact the community in a positive way, according to Davis.”
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Seward City News (8.21.14)
“’I have a skeleton and everyone else really brings it to life,’ Davis said. ‘Everyone comes from such diverse musical backgrounds and tastes in music that it creates this really unique blend that has a traditional feel but also a rocker angst to it.'”
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Fairbanks News Miner (8.15.14)
“The band formed in the winter of 2012 and ‘we really started as a community band playing Seward in the long winter months,’ lead singer Davis said. ‘And it quickly started to spread outward. Now, we’re all over the Kenai making it up to Fairbanks. We can almost eat off it now. We all like playing good music, drinking good beer and having good people around. We’ve always established a good rapport where ever we’ve played. That resonates with the audience.'”
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Music Inform (7.9.14)
“Blackwater Railroad Company formed in a basement during the winter of 2012, chasing away the dark winter blues with beers and a few blues tunes of their own.”
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Max Miller: Director Jule Fontana: Photographer
Max Miller: Director
Jule Fontana: Photographer


"Sound of Home" tour logo
“Sound of Home” tour logo


“Sound of Home” CD album

Band Description

Blackwater Railroad Company (BWRC) is on track to become one of Alaska’s most popular and successful bands, with an Alaska Tour planned in Spring 2015 and a nation-wide tour planned for the fall of 2015. An evening with BWRR promises lots of dancing, the love of whiskey and laughter with friends. With a very well received album release in May 2014, BWRC expects a promising outlook for their 2015 album, Sound of Home, and tour.

Like good moonshine, this folk-rock group was formed in the small town of Seward in 2012, and consistently delivers warm, cheery evenings. The band adds new original music with every passing show, mainly culled from the prolific songwriting capacities of its frontman, Tyson Davis. The music can be defined in many ways, but the overarching themes include folk, bluegrass, rhythm and blues and country songwriters from the late 60s and 70s. Regardless of the genre, BWRR specializes in upbeat, unique covers and catchy, danceable originals that never fail to get the crowd dancing and smiling.

In one evening, audiences will hear a wide range of the band’s muses, such as Devil Makes Three, The Felice Brothers, MGMT, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, old blues standards made famous by The Band, and even the likes of Madonna and They Might Be Giants.

Blackwater Railroad is made of five members:

KATY LARKIN Cellist, vocalist
Katy also does a lot of the design for Blackwater Railroad company and created all the album artwork.

TYSON DAVIS – Lead vocals, Guitar
Tyson hails from North Carolina. the stories he tells and the draw he tells it in is authentic as the farm he grew up on. Much of the lyrics in his songs are drafted in less than an hour. I guess the truth doesn’t take that long to tell.

ISAAC LONDON – Lead Singer, Light percussion
Isaac is as savvy as he is soulful. In addition to keeping the time for the band he also keeps the books. level headed and honest, attributes that echo his Texas roots.

Noah has been in Alaska well over a decade, but has never shaken that dry massachusetts wit. He has an incredible mind and worked on and off for years as a reported in Seward and Anchorage.

ANDY ZAMARRIPA – Bass, vocalist
Andy is a musical savant and plays pretty much any and every instrument. He only picked up the bass because it was what Blackwater was missing in the beginning. His classic western takes infused with a haunting melodic structure give a different dynamic that plays off of the bluesier stuff from Tyson and Isaac. His song 13th Gun on Sound of Home is a standout.

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