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Blackwater Railroad Company is a collective of artists, writers and musicians that believe in the power of music to communicate universal narratives of what it means to be human. The intimate community of Seward, Alaska is more than just the place we live. This town is fundamental to what we are as individuals and as a band, but that is only part of the story…

Isaac London

With a rich and soulful voice, Isaac gained early fame as a Karaoke legend. Hailing from San Antoine, Texas, London brings a variety of skills to Blackwater; a singer and percussionist, a meticulous treasurer, and our very own team medic. In his free time, Isaac drives an ambulance, saves damsels in distress, and subsequently serenades them.

Katy Larkin

As bold and brassy as a cellist ever could be, Katy brings her creative eye to the art surrounding Blackwater, designing the lions’ share of our posters and media. And speaking of lions, the woman is FIERCE, and like all predatory cats, she’s one to watch.

Noah Hull Diamond

Blackwater’s fiddler, writer, and all-around Grandpa, Noah shifts wildly back and forth between incredible pessimism for anything new and extreme sentimental love for his fellow band, friends and family. And strangely, he has several qualities that many grandfathers’ share. He can write with passion and verve, he can hammer a nail and turn a wrench with the best of them, and his fiddling experience shows at every concert.

Tyson Davis

Front man, singer, guitarist and primary songwriter, what DOESN’T Tyson do? His North Carolina heritage shows in his down-home, old time country lyrics. He started his musical career in the barbershop quartet, “The Frenetic Four.” So the next time you see him, pouring his heart and soul into that guitar and microphone, just try to imagine him in a trim little suit, with a white-banded hat, and curved cane.

Andy Zamarripa

He doesn’t wear those sunglasses to look cool. It turns out that Andy has a medical condition that forces his eyeballs to exude pure animal magnetism. To take them off would most likely cause a frantic, frenzied rush from the audience towards him. Not unlike a multitude of superheroes, Zamarripa must use his powers for good, channeling them into his bass playing, song-writing and exemplary singing.

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