The Sound of Sound of Home


I was just listening to our new album Sound of Home and I couldn’t help but hear so much of the space that it was recorded in. We decided last year that we wanted to have a full length album of original music that told the story of our lives here in Alaska, but more than that we wanted to create something right here at home, to capture both the getting here and the being here.

The actual sound of Sound of Home was shaped by recording the album in an off-the-grid log cabin in Anchor Point, AK. The space itself seemed to be put on this earth to record in. The vaulted ceiling and loft platform allowed us to play with the placement of microphones (the unique sound that we were able to get on the fiddle is from layering in the recording of the mic tucked twenty feet above and away from Noah).

The soft wood high ceilings and the pack of mammoth dogs slumbering at our feet were just some of the Alaskan make-it-work type fixes that give the album a raw accessibility. But space alone did not shape the sound. It was as much the hospitality that typifies that frontier community that comes through in every moment of those ten songs. We could not be more grateful to Sunny (the engineer) and her partner Bob for letting us into their home and for playing such a vital role creatively and personally in creating the Sound of Home.

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