Alaskan ‘Sound of Home’ Tour Logo

AK-map-with-BWRREven before we sent our newest album Sound of Home to Nashville for mastering, we started planning the record release tour dates in Alaska. Over the past two years we have played live events all over the state but because this is going to be the first comprehensive tour of our home state we want it to be special down the very smallest detail.

We wanted to give a nod first and foremost to the place that we are from, the place that called us and that nourishes the creative force of the band. We wanted to capture what it meant to celebrate the birth of Blackwater in the dark winter months in Alaska as well as the recurrent themes of travel that run through the narratives of our new songs. What we came up with is what I like to call the ‘Blackwater Rising’ logo to represent what this tour means for us, our fans and our new album Sound of Home.

Katy Larkin
Katy Larkin is the cellist and designer for Blackwater Railroad Company.

Our cello player Katie Larkin is also the designer responsible for much of our website, concert posters and album artwork. She designed the logo after the group of us came up with the concept at practice one day. While most professional bands have a terrific musicianship we are a lucky bunch to have talented multimedia artists in the fold that are able to realize our unique narratives across many mediums.

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